Imagine Leadership

Nitin Nohria and Amanda Pepper of Harvard Business School’s Leadership Initiative collaborated with XPLANE to create this video in order to generate a discussion of the value and importance of leadership to address some of society’s most pressing problems. HBS Leadership Initiative:

Here's the video on YouTube:

“It is my desire to inspire people of all ages and social demographics to think about leadership on a broad level, contemplate what it means to them and what individual impact they can have when it comes to leading,” says Nohria.

This wiki is designed to give you a little more information on the 'Imagine Leadership' video and initiative. In the same way that a wonderful video called "Did You Know" has started thousands of conversations about teaching in grades K-12 and the future, we want 'Imagine Leadership' to do the same for the idea of teaching leadership. Did You Know 2.0:

To help get the video out into the world, we held a remix contest. You can still download the source files and make your own version. More info here: Creativity and originality are strongly encouraged — the aim is to make this video your own.

Check out this great contest entry:

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Nitin Nohria
Richard P. Chapman Professor of Business Administration
Co-Chair, Leadership Initiative

Harvard Business School

Amanda Pepper
Coordinator, Leadership Initiatve
Harvard Business School

Parker Lee
VP of Business Development
XPLANE | The visual thinking company